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5 Impressive Facts About German Shepherds You Never Knew

German Shepherds are both majestic and popular. These handsome canines are amongst the most popular breeds from all around the world. German Shepherds boast sharp intelligence, fierce loyalty, and dazzling coats that will catch the eye of any canine admirer. Take a moment to appreciate the unique qualities of this beloved breed by reading these five impressive facts about the German Shepherd:


  • The Shepherd Name Origin: German Shepherds originally received their name from their skill to herd sheep. In modern times, German Shepherds are more frequently used by military and police services for their superior intelligence and strength.


  • History of the Shepherds: German Shepherds originate from Germany and were bred by Max Von Stephanitz, Captain in the German Cavalry at the time. He intended German Shepherds to be unsurpassable herding dogs that could boast practical talent and handsome quality. 


  • Five Varieties: German Shepherds, bred in 1899 have now diverged into five varieties of shepherds we have today. These breeds include the White German Shepherd, Black German Shepherd, Panda German Shepherd, Sable German Shepherd, and the Saddle coat German Shepherd.


  • Quick Agility: German Shepherds, in their prime, can run nearly 30 mph. While not as quick as the Greyhound, Shepherds, for their weight, still boast a respectable threshold for athletic skill amongst canines.


  • Aggressive or Passive: German Shepherds make for excellent guard dogs given their distrust and wariness of strangers. A Shepherd will not hesitate to alert you when a stranger walks towards your door. This can make for an anti-social dog, however. Shepherds who are taught not to be diligent guard dogs can be gentle giants in the home, even amongst kids.


German Shepherds are truly one of the most beloved and handsome dog breeds in the world. Any owner of a German Shepherds knows the pride and joy these beautiful canines can provide to both our lives and public services. 


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