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Back To School Blues: How to Help Your Dog

Nobody likes it when their pet is sad, especially when it's about something you can't avoid, like the back-to-school season. When school comes back, pets are prone to sadness because they go from fun summer days with the family to an empty home just like that. The key to managing your pet's sadness is to make them feel loved and cared for despite the significant change in the family's routine!


Quality Bonding Time

The chances are that your pet feels sad during the back-to-school transition because they don't have as much time or opportunities to bond with their favorite humans anymore. Summer allows them to spend entire days with their owners, and the school season puts an abrupt end to that. One way to manage your pet's sadness is to find the time to bond with them within your family's schedule. Play with them so they're reminded that you love them, and give them tons of attention when the family is home before and after heading out of the house. A little bit goes a long way, and they will indeed feel the love and have something to look forward to in their days if you do this simple thing for them!


Physical and Mental Stimulation

A pet's physical and mental health has a strong relationship with its overall happiness and well-being. During the back-to-school season, the family often has difficulties finding the time to take them out and give them exercise due to how busy their schedules are. Once school starts, the family is out of the house, which means they have no one to play with them or take them on walks. It's not difficult seeing how this could make them sad! One way to circumvent this is to integrate their physical and mental exercise into your daily schedule. Your family can take your pet out on a walk before heading to school and work, then you guys can play and teach it tricks when you get home! Simple acts like these will keep your pet happy and healthy despite the significant change in their routine.


Your Dog is Special

If nothing else seems to be working, it may be time for some special treatment; just make sure not to overdo it! Special treatment, in this case, means bringing them somewhere they love regularly or smothering them with love and treats. It's an easy way to make them feel loved and cared for by the family. Alternatively, you could always take your pet to a daycare center while the family is away, so they can have fun and be cared for while waiting for your return!


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