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Benefits of Exotic & Small Pet Boarding in Bayside NY

Finding someone to look after your exotic pets while you’re away can be a difficult task. Because they are exotic, generally, they will require special care that sets them apart from other pets. Pet boarding has become a viable option because the staff there are experienced and capable of handling pets of all kinds. Luckily, there are many benefits of exotic and small pet boarding in Bayside, NY, that will make the decision easier for you to make!


They Can Feed Them Properly

Many exotic and small pets in Bayside, NY, have specific diets that must be followed for their health and safety. You may think it would be impossible to find someone who can provide the nutrition they need while you have to spend time away, but that is simply not the case. The staff at pet boarding facilities are trained professionals. Inform them about your pet’s dietary restrictions, needs, and instructions to feed them, and they will follow them religiously. There is no need to worry about your pet not eating right while they stay over at these places!

Extra Safe

Exotic and small pets are often fragile creatures; what may be light harm to most pets can even be fatal. Because of this, they need extra attention and supervision to ensure their safety and security. Pet boarding in Bayside, NY, provides just that to every pet under their care. It's much safer than leaving them alone because they will have staff members constantly check on them and supervise their every move. In case something happens, they will even be given medical care as fast as possible to minimize the harm!


Capable Caretakers

At the end of the day, your family, friends, or neighbors may just not be capable of caring for your exotic and small pet. You, of all people, would know the challenges that come with caring for them, and it may be too much for inexperienced handlers to take. The caretakers in pet boarding facilities have tons of experience caring for animals; it is their passion and life work to do so. If you want the job done well, you should be looking to place your pet under their care.


We Can Take Care of Your Exotic or Small Pet

North Shore Animal Hospital has over 75 years of experience caring for animals of any and every kind. Our decades of experience speak to the fact that our facility is capable and trusted to handle the pets in our community. Whether you have a large pet, a small one, or even an exotic species, our staff is compassionate and able to care for their needs. Give us a call and talk to us about how we can serve you and your animal friend!


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