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Holiday Foods That Are Toxic To Pets

The holiday season includes different types of food to enjoy with your loved ones. It is natural to want to have your furry friend join you in your holiday feast. However, several foods can make pets ill when given to them. 


For instance, chocolate is dangerous for dogs because it contains caffeine and theobromine, both substances that could make your pet very ill with symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea, seizures and even death in worst-case scenarios.


Read on to find out which foods are dangerous for pets this festive season.


Chives, Garlic And Onions

Most seasoned foods are prepared using onions, chives, leeks, and garlic to enhance the taste. Feeding your pet foods that contain small amounts of these herbs can cause severe medical conditions. Remember that a teaspoon of powdered garlic is equivalent to eight fresh garlic cloves. One may assume that the seasoned food only contains small amounts of the herb, but to your pet, the amount is enough to make it sick. 

Over time, your dog or cat may experience abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea, and gastroenteritis from the consumption of these herbs. If you notice these symptoms, contact your vet.



When your pet consumes nutmeg in significant amounts, it may cause dry mouth, abdominal pain, hallucinations and seizures. It is advisable to avoid feeding your pet foods that have this ingredient. Consumption of these spices, even in small amounts, will deteriorate your pet's health over time. 


Poultry Bones 

Holiday feasts have many leftover chicken or turkey bones that are often given to pets by your family members. Cooked bones become brittle and may splinter when consumed. Your pet may get a perforated intestine or a logged splinter in the digestive system. This eventuality may only be treated through surgery; therefore, avoid giving poultry bones to your pet. 



Yes, your pet can consume alcohol when you're not looking. Your furry friend may come across your rum-soaked fruit cake or an unattended drink and have no idea that these things are dangerous to them! Unlike humans, they only need a small amount of it to do damage—and once their liver is damaged, the effects will stay with them for life.


Dairy Products

Milk and other dairy products are assumed to be suitable for your pets. However, pets lack a proper digestive system to break down lactose. This may result in a messy, unpleasant experience from having your pet constantly diarrhea during your holiday. Ensure that creamy treats are kept in a safe place away from your pets.


Yeasty Doughs

Your pup or cat can consume unattended dough. Yeasty doughs can cause bloating in your pet's stomach, making it uncomfortable. Substantial amounts of dough can rapture the stomach due to its expanding nature. Also, while in the stomach, the yeasty dough continues to ferment, and alcohol can be absorbed. Which, as mentioned earlier, can cause severe medical conditions for your pet. 


Turkey Skin

Turkey's skin is rich in fat, and when consumed by your pup, it may cause pancreatitis. This medical condition can cause vomiting, fever, and diarrhea and can be fatal in severe cases. Feed your pet skinless turkey meat to keep them safe from this condition. 

This holiday season, be on the lookout for well-meaning family members who may spoil your pet with treats they aren't accustomed to. Educate these generous folks about which foods are bad for your pet's health and safety so everyone enjoys a happy holiday.


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