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Ways to Keep Your Pet Healthy

Your pet will give you undying love as long as it lives, and you should actively be working to prolong its life. Keeping your pet healthy is as essential as it is for anyone. Don't worry, as it is not as challenging as it sounds. In fact, keeping your pet healthy can be a fun and enjoyable experience for both you and your animal companion!



Like humans, animals need to watch what they eat to maintain a healthy body. Overweight pets are significantly more limited in their lifespan, physical activities, and immune system. A balanced diet and healthy food options are vital in keeping your pet healthy and happy.


  • Proper Diet: Your pet needs to watch its calories and refrain from overeating much like yourself. Unlike you, however, your pet can't do this on its own. Set up a proper diet plan for them and stick with it to maintain their healthy weight!
  • Treats: As cute as your pet may be, you shouldn't be showering them in treats. Think of treats for your pet as the same as junk food. Your pet can eat them in moderation, but they should not account for a large percentage of its caloric intake. 




Physical activity is extremely important in keeping your pet healthy. An active pet has a longer and healthier lifespan than most, so it's imperative that you provide activities for them to do. Here are some fun exercises you can do with your pet:


  • Hikes and Walks: Walking or hiking with your pet regularly keeps them physically active and fit. Most pets love doing this, so you shouldn't have much trouble getting them to comply. Just remember not to overexert your pet and build up their stamina as you go.
  • Play Time: Actively playing with your pet is another fun way to build up your pet's physique. Have them chase something around or play fetch to keep them moving. Try to find an area where they can stretch their legs and run around to their heart's content!



Regular Visits to the Vet

Veterinarians are the people that know best how to keep your pet healthy. As such, don’t hesitate to ask them about any concerns you may have as they are trained to help you. Here’s what your vet can do for you:


  • Regular Checkups: The best way to know about your pet’s health is through having regular checkups at the vet. They can evaluate your animal companion’s wellness and see if there is anything wrong with them. They can also suggest any medicine or supplements to help keep them healthy.
  • Vaccinations: Apart from keeping your pet physically healthy, you need to take measures to prevent them from contracting any dangerous diseases. All pet owners should have a regular vaccines schedule and have them take their shots at set intervals. 



Keep Your Pet Healthy With North Shore Animal Hospital

North Shore Animal Hospital has been keeping pets healthy for over 75 years. Our long tenure is a testament to how we care for your animal companions and how pet owners trust us. We treat your pets as precious members of our family and serve them through our advanced medicine and care. 

Schedule an appointment to learn more about keeping your pet healthy with us!


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